The Vintage Cherish the Dress Shoot

Just back from a gorgeous shoot in Bury on the old Lancashire Railway line there, doing a Cherish the Dress shoot of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, aka Chloe and Jenny in their stunning wedding dresses. Cherish the Dress is a fashion and beauty shoot which gives you the chance to show off your dress in all its glory. Designed by photographer Chris Hanley, the idea is to make the dress the star of the shoot. It was thought up for brides so that the dress could be given the attention it deserves after the wedding day, and the aim is to create some beautiful photographs of you at your most gorgeous.The scene is set in a vintage location in keeping with your style and the style of your dress. We start with a pampering beauty session complete with champagne and a make up artist to make you feel like a supermodel. This is not about ‘trashing the dress’ American style (let’s keep that for the next shoot!), it’s more oriented towards glamorous indoor or civilised location shooting using both natural light and studio lights where appropriate to bring out the beauty of your dress. Then we create a beautiful album and framed prints of you in your dress.I’m really excited about this new trend because it offers me a chance to do what I do best: Bring out your inner gorgeousness! It’s fun, it’s pampering, and it’s a must for all women who love their dress and don’t want to pack it away in a box just yet. Prices from £695, to include a professional make up artist to do your hair and make up, champagne and the shoot. Stunning bespoke albums and extra framed prints are also available with prices starting from £40.fluffydressjennysatcarriage_DSC2753marilynchloestairswaiting at the stationchloegracewindytraindoorwhisperjpegopenticketssleepchloedancingtraincorridorjennypensivetraincarriagepeephojennytrainwindowjennypurpletrainleaningwindowkisstrain