a Royally inspired cherish the dress shoot

A glamorous cherish the dress shoot reflecting the magic of the Mall and the beautiful, vital Alix.  We wanted to evoke the glamour of the 1930s and old movies. A girl dreaming of a lost world, a lost house and ideas from long ago barely remembered. I took the 1930s and the film Brideshead Revisited as my inspiration. Aloysius the teddy bear showed up as you might expect, and Pall Mall kindly provided some of the glamour of the art deco era. Many thanks to Maggie Hunt, our genius make up artist, and Lucia Silver from State of Grace who provided this beautiful beautiful dress. The dress and accessories were provided by State of Grace (www.thestateofgrace.com) and celebrity make up artist Maggie Hunt www.maggiehunt.com did the make up. Lucia Silver of State of Grace is creating 3 dresses for guests attending the Royal Wedding. Alix is not a model – I wanted to work with an ordinary person who had no experience in front of the camera in order to show the transformations that can be effected by my team. Sometimes I get brides saying that they’re not sure they’ll be pretty enough for my pictures. This is missing the point. My mission is to make everyone look and feel beautiful! In the words of Alix, ‘If you want someone to make you look gorgeous, Fi’s your girl!’ The shoot was part of a new range of images that I am creating and offering for clients called a ‘vintage cherish the dress shoot’ where we make their dress the star of the show with a fashion and beauty shoot on location. For this shoot I chose Pall Mall, and the setting was just perfect for the dress. My favourite image is the one at the end of Alix standing in front of Buckingham Palace. All the union jacks were flying and the light was just spectacular. I love the sparkle and light of this shoot.