true love and stilettos

So, my boyfriend and I are debating about the nature of love. Well, I say debating but it’s more a case of sleepily muttering to each other one Sunday morning. Specifically, the idea that couples should not expect to be all things to one another, but should accept that no one can ever be truly enough for another person and console each other for not being enough. Personally I find this a comforting thought since I seem to be continually making mistakes, and a good approach to a happy relationship. D is less enthusiastic. Particularly after our recent stiletto incident which has left him limping. I left my beautiful black suede, jewelled stilettos fetchingly strewn across the floor. D tripped slightly on the first one and then did this sort of cricket batsman leap in midair to try to right himself and landed with the full force of his 6 foot 4 height on the other one. It turns out that you really can actually stab someone with a stiletto. Poor D now has a stiletto shaped hole and a purple bruise on the sole of his foot.Oh well… he enjoyed being consoled, I suspect.Anyway, that by way of introduction for this hilarious selection of quotes on love, which I found on the Easy Living Magazine website.