the journey of a wedding

The word ‘journey’ keeps recurring today. Here it is courtesy of Washed Out (thanks Goop!) strikes me that, like many things in life, a wedding is a journey. Often couples find that their wedding preparations are a journey of self discovery and reawakening. Many people describe to me ‘the journey of finding their wedding photographer.’ (Stop here – you’ve found her!) And I observe through my work that the wedding day itself is an emotional journey – a very beautiful one, perhaps more a story than a journey with highs and some lows and a happy ending.Images are a journey. How they are presented takes you somewhere, and that can be dramatically altered according to the choices of presentation that you make. I try to reflect this sense of journey in my work, which is full of motion, and finally in the albums that I create – I’m working on a travel journal style of album at the moment. Perhaps in a way the album is the destination – a place where you can relive the day, theĀ  journey.