The First Look

Tonight I’m excited because today I booked in a lovely bride who wants a ‘First Look’ shoot.A First Look, in case you are wondering, is where the bride and groom first see each other before the wedding. It is an American tradition, and it means that they get to spend a little time together right before they get married, without the pressure of friends and family. The beauty of it is that they can enjoy the moment and have it captured on film before their clothes and make up get a chance to get all mussed up. Having a separate photoshoot means that they can spend more time with their guests on the day.Traditionally in England the bride and groom don’t see each other before the wedding, and the groom is not supposed to turn around to see his bride walking towards him up the aisle. I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit of a waste. There she is, looking so magical, so glorious, and he isn’t even allowed to turn around. And then suddenly there she is beside him in a lot of white dress. I have seen weddings where the bride and groom started chatting at the altar, while the priest waited impatiently for the ceremony to begin. Is it time for tradition to move on?This bride and groom are planning to meet about a week before the wedding to have photographs of themselves together so that they can share them with friends and family overseas. I suggested to them that turning it into a ‘First Look’ style shoot, where we bring her to him and photograph his jaw dropping to the floor, would give it an added magic.What’s your take on ‘First Look’ shoots? Do you think they are a good idea? Or something that should stay firmly in America? Did you have a ‘First Look’? I’d love to hear what you think. Get commenting!Fiona xoHere is a sneak preview of the lovely Helena Willcox on the Owlpen Manor photoshoot. She is wearing a Jesus Perro 2030 wedding dress from Miss Bush Bridalwear The make up was done by the wonderful Nina Singh, with styling by Lauren Magovern of The flowers are by Ivy Pip and Rose, Other suppliers not shown in this photo that also contributed were (more to follow!).