The All White Test

You just can’t let someone down on their wedding day, even though it had snowed a foot in less than an hour and I couldn’t see more than 5 metres in front of me. I was on the A3 at the time in a front wheel drive car that doesn’t approve of snow and generally gets stuck at the first of a vertical snowy slope. Cars were slowing then getting stuck all around us. A bold landrover pulled out into the fast lane, doing about 30mph on pure virgin snow. I don’t normally tailgate, but I knew my only chance of making it to the wedding was to keep close behind him and drive in his tracks. For an hour we blundered on at an agonisingly slow pace, until we parted company with the landrover and came to a very steep country hill. The car ground to a halt. Luckily a large landrover kindly towed us all the way up the hill. We got to the wedding just in time, and although I was utterly exhausted by the drive, the adrenaline of shooting kicked in and all was well. I’m still not entirely sure how I got through a 6 hour drive, 10 hour shoot and a 4 hour drive home, but I did. Here are some of the results.There was something magical about Rob and Amy’s snowy night time wedding. 40 of the 100 or so guests sadly didn’t make it, neither did the florist, but those who did made up for it by being the best natured party I have ever witnessed. It was truly a wonderful night and I was very touched by the palpable sense of love that there is between Rob and Amy.