Sarra’s contemporary portrait shoot; a sneak preview

So what is contemporary portraiture? It is a bespoke service that aims to capture women as their true selves, only on an exceptionally fabulous, slim, beautiful day. For some women it’s a useful way to get a good Linked-In portrait, for others it veers more towards boudoir for their husbands delectation. It can be alluring, emotional, business-like or all three.Sarra wanted some glamorous pictures of herself for her husband’s birthday and some business portraits that she could use for her social media work accounts. She’s a mother of three who works in PR and her days are just… packed. We made the shoot into an oasis of calm where she could relax while lovely make up artist Anna sorted out her hair and make up, followed by her portrait shoot. Here is a little preview of the shoot. I have held back this post to coincide with her husband’s birthday, so Steve, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday!Before and After:  It was a tremendously fun shoot and amazing to see the difference it makes when a woman is allowed some time to herself just to sit down and take it easy. I loved capturing the true Sarra, and I think she’d give Kate Winslet a run for her money on the front of Harper’s Bazaar in some of these.  I’ll post the rest of the images when Steve and Sarra have had a chance to look at them.