Runaway Bride – a post wedding photo shoot

Here are some images from a fun little cherish the dress shoot that I did with Francesca Battisti Jones the day after her wedding. (You can read about her spectacular wedding to Ross Jones the day before here )The idea was to escape off around Rome for a few hours and relive the joy of wearing her wedding dress. I hadn’t quite realised, however, that the plan would entail zooming round at breakneck speed across Rome on the back of the vespa whilst clutching my camera! Who said wedding photography wasn’t an extreme sport? We had enormous fun, and the Romans enjoyed complimenting her on her new marriage, although one lady did say with mock reproof, ‘Have you lost your husband already?!’. However, I am pleased to tell you that husband Ross is alive and well (he it was that took the photo of me on the back of the vesper and created the sign, ‘catch me if you can’).