Roman Runaway Bride

The long awaited sequel to Ross and Francesca’s stunning Roman wedding is here! The day after their wedding, Ross was particularly keen for Francesca to have a post wedding Cherish the Dress shoot. So Francesca and I donned our motorino helmets and headed out to the Roman streets for a Roman Holiday inspired photoshoot. We had an awesome time zooming around Rome’s most beautiful districts to capture the radiant, just married Francesca. Ross created the sign on the back of the scooter, which says, ‘Catch me if you can!’. People were fascinated by Francesca, and the strange girl in khaki with a very large camera on the scooter behind her. Everywhere we went, Francesca was wished ‘Auguri,’ and, ‘But have you managed to lose your husband already?’ We created a little story about a runaway bride who eventually changes her mind. It was a magical shoot, and it is wonderful to revisit it now, particularly with Rome so much in the media.