Natasha’s Story – a sneak preview

At the moment it being February and all I am having a bit of a renewal phase in my work. Massive investment is going on behind the scenes with new equipment, new lights, and I’m developing a new line in contemporary boudoir portraits. As part of this, I invited a longstanding friend to come and sit for me. Natasha and I have known each other for 31 years, and she is very dynamic and precise. She has also been through a terrible, decapacitating depressive illness over the last five years and is now, thankfully, on the mend. I decided she needed some pampering, so she came over for a lovely pampering boudoir shoot. We’re still unpacking, so the studio is pretty makeshift! Natasha loves to dance ballet, so I wanted to capture a few shots of her moving too.Here is a sneak peak ‘Before and After’ shot from her photoshoot. Please leave some love for her on the blog!above left; Natasha before, above right; the lovely Jess Summer Buckley, make up artist, in action.