Joanna and Jason 2012

Two things strike me above all about Jason and Joanna: One, they are the most delightful people to work with I have ever encountered, and two they are the most hospitable. They also, as I found out by accident, make the best gin and tonics in the world! What a team! I’m also slightly in awe of them, as they embark on marriage via it’s most traditional route: Jo moved in with Jason only once the honeymoon was over. It felt profound photographing Jo getting ready in her empty room, her single life over and her married life not yet begun. I loved that after their wedding ceremony was over they went back into the same church, St James the Less, and threw a tea party for all their friends. Instead of a line up they served tea to everyone, which was a wonderful way to get the party started and touched the guests deeply. Once the main party had waved them off we headed down to the Thames alongside the Houses of Parliament where James and Joanna love to walk together. In the evening they met up with close family at the National Portrait Gallery for a fantastic dinner overlooking the London skyline. A magical day, and a great privilege to be part of it. Thanks guys!