Two of My Favourite Photographers, a Travel Scrap book and Envy

For a long time I have revelled in Michael Turek’s beautiful images in Harper’s Bazaar, so one of the nicest things about going to Cambodia for the magazine was that I got to know Michael a bit. Not only is he one of my favourite photographers ever, but also an extremely generous person. And now I discover that he has made a travel scrapbook. And if you haven’t already gathered that I love books, well, I do. I really love them. So I thoroughly enjoyed checking out his scrapbook, and I’m sure you will too. the subject of my favourite photographers, this week I was very inspired by a post by another of my favourite photographers, US wedding photographer Jasmine Star, on the subject of envy . If you’ve ever envied anyone professionally (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), or indeed at all, you should definitely read it.Below is a picture of me contemplating, or perhaps, envying some lotus flowers at the beautiful hotel, La Residence d’Angkor, in Siem Reap. The photo doesn’t really show the awesome make up which make up artist Siwan Hill created, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. Photo by my friend, Natalie Gillen.