Fastest pre-wedding shoot in the north!

So, normally an engagement shoot can take up to four hours and a pre-wedding shoot takes about an hour. But what with one thing and another – wedding planning and creating the music album 30000 Days and looking after Nick’s gorgeous daughter Ruby – Nick and Haley ran out of time for this one. And somehow we ended up with five minutes. Which was challenging. We used a magnolia tree as a backdrop because, well, mainly because there wasn’t time to go anywhere else. But strangely enough Nick murmured at one point that he always associates magnolias with Haley. How incredibly romantic is that! And synchronicitous. Oddly enough this is the only year in living memory when the magnolia was still flowering in June, when they had their wedding (more of that shortly). And somehow there’s a real sense of their palpable joy and excitement in this mini shoot.┬áSo five minutes was enough for our purposes on this occasion. But nobody go getting any ideas. Best to allow four hours! Here’s a sneak preview of their pre-wedding shoot.