Exhibition: Seen Through A Glass Darkly

The idea that what we see is not what is really there is a haunting one. Have we misunderstood everything? Do we see what others see? In this exhibition I explore the mystery of the limits on our perception and the idea that perfect beauty exceeds our visual capacity.


The book at the heart of this exhibition, ’Seen Through A Glass Darkly,’ explores this idea through writing, quotes and photographs. Taking as her inspiration the phrase by St Paul, ‘For we see as through a glass darkly’, and Plato’s ‘Cave’, she explores the idea that this world is just a den from which we prisoners half glimpse a more real existence beyond.


Shooting through glass that is often obscured, prisms and distorted reflections, her images are meditations on our ability to glimpse but not to fully comprehend the perfect beauty of love. Her work draws on archetypes such as paradise gardens, roses and seascapes. The images are windows onto worlds that have a sense of mystery and elusive vision; of the seen and unseen.