Ballet, Bunnies and Buzz – a family shoot

There’s something about creating a family shoot. For me it’s about knowing that I’m capturing a magical time in a family’s life and helping them to remember the wonder of it all (which gets lost so easily in the drudge of daily life). I like to think that the photos on the wall will inspire them in their life together and to imagine that in years to come they will look through their album and remember all the good times. I like to create a series of beautiful portraits, creative images and reportage images that evoke the family. Today, I present you some of the images from my shoot with the stunning Masterson family. And Buzz the dog, who it turns out has a photo face. I have at least two photographs of him where he is making exactly the same face for the camera, just like a celebrity with a ‘Hello’ face. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets his own chat show any day now.Incidentally I have totally fallen in love with bunnies after this shoot, and plan to get a couple in the spring. See what you’ve done, Jeanne and Keith?! xxx