A Cambodian Runaway Nymph Bride

A very strange thing happened to me while I was in Cambodia. I was exploring the grandiose, ancient temples of Angkor Wat when I met an apsara, a nymph. As I was looking at an exquisite stone statue, it came to life before my very eyes. She sat up on her pillar, blinking in the sunlight. Then she gracefully climbed through the ruined temple and ran off to the sea. I followed her as far as I could, but she disappeared under the waves. I think she was a bride searching for her lover. Perhaps there was a wedding under the waves… make up artist: Siwan Hill www.siwanhill.com Dress Designers: Jacqueline Byrne www.jacquelinebyrne.co.uk and Jesus Peiro from Miss Bush Bridalwear www.missbushbridalwear.comTo view the images please click on the first one: